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Lancinate Old Old product development games

A Cowabunga!, surprised working group with this super idea to reengineer the process. The output being a framework had to support a theory as rock and practise practical small worlds (over & over, again).

On the roll over, it’s a bada-bing, to focus on what really or practically works in software project development and delivery. The rally wasn’t enough we needed Scrum.

It’s quiet inspiring to read the real document “The New New Product Development Game” by “Hirotaka Takeuchi & Ikujiro Nonaka”. If you re-read, it’s a product development game, not just a project development game. The bigger picture was concentrated to use it in different shapes and sizes. Yet today the success was only widely seen in software development projects and growing to other segments.

The differences between the traditional, linear approach to New New product development related with rugby approach is well defined and stated. The game linguistics are used sprinkled over the document and to stress the new casual way of playing seriously.

The document is still an eye opener with out fashioned terms (not in practice now) but gives a new meaning for today’s executives. The 6 characters they used in the puzzle were:

  1. Built-in instability
  2. Self-organizing project teams
  3. Overlapping development phases
  4. Multilearning
  5. Subtle Control
  6. Organizational transfer of learning, are well explained.

Theories and terms as:

Self-organizing Project Teams
            Self-Transcendence (Never ending quest for ‘the limit’),
            Cross-fertilization (members with varying functional specializations)
            (to) Multilevel Learning
            (to) Multifunctional Learning
Subtle Control
            Control by love
            (or even) the common set of values
Transfer of Learning
            Dismantle (the project team) are well stated to a record log along with a set of basic limitations like a product.

Some Limitations that are highlighted are: Cannot use for…

  1. Breakthrough projects that require a revolutionary innovation.
  2. Not Applicable to Mammoth projects like those in aerospace business. & more…

Read the document and sure you would know more just like attending the Scrum Master Class or Product owner class.

Classes are taken by Sathya that particularly highlight the grand fathers and our principles to spread the light of software development business success.

Link to the document: New New Prod Dev Game

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