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Agile & Ag_lebra (Algebra)


From my childhood, Mathematics has always inspired me, not as a subject score, but the way basic things  are build & broken, equations expanded & collapsed. It was an exercise to mind to freeze and melt. It was interesting to learn space, graphs and plots and solve equations one at a time to get a definite result and in the case of Algebra, we are sure the result is finite and known at the beginning.

Its is amazing to see the clear overlap using Agile Problem Management techniques, scrum methods to solve a problem, to initiate a process, ultimately to yield a known result. Intersect is so fascinating that we learned and practiced them as we were raised. In current Industry practices what we want to yield is ultimately known or desired or even understood to be known, to Reach to the perfection is where we lack.

Scrum, gives us an opportunity, a clear simple vision to understand how to resolve where we lack, the pathway towards a know destination.  Allow me to give you a solved linear equation:

Solve for x in the following equation:

Complete multiplication:

Group like terms on each side of the equal sign:

Subtract 18 x from both sides of the equation:

Subtract 57 from both sides of the equation:

Divide both sides of the equation by 12 and simplify:

The answer is 

Check the solution by substituting  in the original equation for x. If the left side of the equation equals the right side of the equation after the substitution, you have found the correct answer.

  • Left Side:

  • Right Sides:

Since the left side of the original equation equals the right side of the original equation when the value is substituted for x, the solution  is verified.

You can also check the answer with your calculator: 

  • Left Side:

  • Right Sides:

You can also check the answer by graphing:

(left side of original equation minus right side of original equation). The x-intercept is -5.25.


  • Here Storyboards and epics are defined with a concrete solution.
  • While working in Scrum teams, we choose what to be done and with perform them with integrity.
  • The problem is the current line at work, The solved result is just the line below that makes us break each task to a manageable more concrete finding to another one.
  • Retrospect’s or traceability is narrowed, sharpened and clear to track back the incremental solutions done.
  • Changes are basically a pencil erased solution.
  • Each Standup expands the vision to see where we are, what follows.
  • Each Sprint provides a definite result and a finite incremental release.
  • The graphic representation of the solution is always a breakdown. Just like each statement adds immense value in an linear equation, the points in a product breakdown or release breakdown provides us a vision and slaps us of what we have done and reminds the target fluctuations.
  • The parts of the incremental release is a fantastic finite solution that clears the vision to the next step and once an defect is found, retraces back, just to the next line.
  • What else can be a perfect solution than a solved equation with the precise data that is true, just like our scrum delivered, released and deployed solution.
  • The principles of performing an equation is well understood before even starting a scrum team.

If you are interested to know more, you should attend a fundamental training in project management using Scrum by Sathya and Im sure the learning would be knowledgeable and immense as I do.

Note: The example above is taken from: and not my own creation.


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